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Webinar: CTV Deep Dive with IAB Tech Lab

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The IAB Tech Lab European Communication Group "Audio & Video" came together on May 12th, 2021 to discuss CTV in detail, joined by our Co-Founder Leander.

Discussions were centered around how OM will work for CTV and the Content Taxonomy updates to support common TV/Movie genres.

Further Topics:

  • Implementation Guide for CTV

  • Panel Discussion: European Ad Tech Companys in CTV; Why do we need Standards for measurement; future role of CTV in digital media

The following panelists were sharing their expertise:

  • Oliver von Wersch - CEO & Founder, vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies |

  • Leander Carell - Managing Director & Founder, Nowtilus |

  • Shailley Singh - SVP, Product Management & Global Programs, IAB Tech Lab |

  • Gijsbert Pohls - Lead Product Strategist, Adjust |

  • Sven Hagemeier - Director Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk |

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