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MediaMelon and Nowtilus’ Partner Together

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

MediaMelon and Nowtilus’ join forces to provide comprehensive measurement and analytics on Server-Side Ad Insertion for OTT and CTV ad-enabled services.

San Francisco, 16thof July 2020: MediaMelon, a leader in online streaming video intelligence and automated experience improvement today announced their partnership with Nowtilus, a pioneer in AI-driven video personalization services and provider of the open ad insertion platform MediaMelon also announced the immediate availability of an integrated solution developed in collaboration with Nowtilus, providing greater measurement transparency and accuracy of server-side ad insertion through continuous measurement from the client-side video player as well as player interactivity feature management.

server-side ad insertion mechanism explained

Online CTV and OTT-based streaming platforms across broadcasters, publishers, service providers, and operators are looking to improve the monetization of their ad-based content through a combination of targeted in-stream ads, improved quality of experience, and a reduction in fraud, failures, and blocking. On top of a cloud-native ad insertion technology, there is a need for real-time insight into ad performance, quality of experience, and client-side validation across client-side (CSAI) and server-side (SSAI) ad insertion techniques in order to make impactful and rapid decisions that improve monetization.

“MediaMelon’s SmartSight for Ads, in combination with Nowtilus’ open SSAI solution solves all of this, where Nowtilus provides a leading, cloud-native server-side ad insertion technology with the MediaMelon SmartSight for Ads solution tightly integrated to provide real-time performance, validation and quality of experience intelligence. The rapid resolution of issues identified from real-time analytics improves content monetization of ad-enabled services through increased retention and viewer satisfaction. The transparency in reporting information gained by this integration benefits the ecosystem and industry as a whole”, says Kumar Subramanian, CEO MediaMelon Inc.

“The partnership provides our customers with the ability to track and measure ad-campaign performance directly from the client side across all relevant device platforms and players. This is particularly important in SSAI environments as the industry requires measurement from the player side to validate impressions. Besides, trick-mode prevention is enabled to execute ad servers’ business rules. Soon, Open Measurement and interactivity features will be added to the joint solution to serve the needs of the advertising industry”, says Leander Carell, Managing Director of Nowtilus.

an analytics panel

About Nowtilus

Nowtilus is a digital video personalization company. Our platform revolutionizes the monetization of video streaming by personalizing the ad experience for millions of viewers. We help broadcasters, telcos, and content providers to monetize their AVOD and OTT TV streaming by offering seamless, personalized, and relevant ad experiences. Thereby, we increase viewer acceptance, boost conversion for advertisers and maximize usage and profits for video platforms. Nowtilus is based in Berlin and Halle, Germany. 

Press Contact: Sebastian Strootmann,, +49 (345) 681 765-26

About MediaMelon

MediaMelon is a leader in online video analytics and intelligence, enabling OTT and CTV-based online streaming platforms to grow their revenues through increased engagement and delivering the highest quality of experience to their viewers across content and ads.  The real-time intelligence platform provides point-of-failure analysis to enable impactful decisions based on data-driven performance and quality of experience data. SmartSight for Ads is part of the MediaMelon Content Intelligence platform and maximizes revenue generation opportunities. MediaMelon is a global business, headquartered in San Francisco.  Visit for more information.  

Press Contact: Marie Ordiz,

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