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Dynamic Ad Substitution in HbbTV

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We Enable Addressable TV Advertising with Full Ad Break Replacement for Broadcasters.
Reach Your Existing Audience with Highly Personalized Content Now!

hbbtv awards winner 2021
video tech innovation awards nominee 2022

Improve Yield with Full Break Addressable Advertising

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Skyrocket your Broadcaster Revenue with HbbTV-TA 

Using Dynamic Ad Substitution (DAS) via HbbTV-Targeted-Advertising (HbbTV-TA) will pave the way to new ways of monetization.

Increased Market

We open up the TV advertising market for new business actors like local franchises and other small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Increased Relevance
for Viewers


Higher conversion per ad impression and thus potentially lower ad loads, which ultimately reduces viewer frustration and increases their satisfaction.

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Increased Value 
of Inventory


Enhance the efficiency of advertising with geo-targeting, behavioral targeting,  socio-demographical targeting, cross-device targeting, frequency capping, 
and advanced analytics.

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Which Pain Points We Address with HbbTV-TA

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A potential ad insertion solution must fit into the broadcast world and adapt to your existing ecosystem.

SUITABILITY fully complies with DVB-TA and HbbTV-TA standards.

How Do We Make That Happen?

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Our HbbTV Solution Capabilities

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Ingests broadcast and ad schedules with defined replaceable slots to allow dynamic ad replacement.

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Performs highly scalable stitching of ads as personalized breaks in MPEG-DASH and MP4.

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Substitutes broadcasted breaks with personalized ad breaks delivered via Broadband-IP.

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Connects to Data Management Platforms, Video Ad Servers and Consent Management Platforms.

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Let's discuss how we can enhance your revenue!

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