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Take Your Content to the Next Level with FAST

an old lady sitting on an armchair being hit by a cat tv ad on a fast channel

Forget about SVOD churn rates and the cost of traditional broadcast channels. Choose Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV and combine the Best of Linear Television with the Best of OTT Streaming.

What are FAST Channels?

FAST is an acronym that stands for "Free Ad-supported Streaming TV" services; so we are talking about linear television channels offered to viewers not through terrestrial broadcasting, cable, or satellite, but via internet connection on CTVs (connected televisions), desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and, potentially, every connected device. 

The Main Benefits for Content Providers 

Lightweight Infrastructure and Low Cost of Implementation

The required technological infrastructure for FAST is easy to set up and implement if compared to other types of television, especially when you choose the right partners with the appropriate expertise.

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Advanced Insights and Audience Analytics 

Data runs over the internet, so insights are more precise and detailed than ever, with audience demographics, contextual info, device types, etc.
This will provide you with important and valuable data to enhance your content offering.

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Higher Ad Revenue

Knowing your audience in-depth will create the best environment for advertisers whose products and services can find the perfect target on FAST channels. This will open up enhanced revenue potential for your TV content business.

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FAST Channels We Helped to Launch and Monetize 

bergblick logo

Bergblick shows impressive nature and extraordinary people who experience their dreams, adventures, and sporting feats in it. On display are the diversity of fauna and flora in alpine regions around the world and the extreme conditions that have to be mastered in the mountains.


How Does It Work?

Our solution from channel implementation to ad insertion

  • With our FAST solution, we transparently connect publishers like content providers and video rights owners to the most relevant CTV platforms in the market.

  • The whole supply chain from channel creation, scheduling, electronic program guide (EPG), ad insertion, and monetization is entirely covered by our FAST offering

  • We cooperate with best of breed industry leaders to enable easy access to the FAST ecosystem. fast channel solution flowchart

What Our Customers and Partners Say:

steve nyland, red bee ceo

Steve Nylund

Former CEO at Red Bee Media

We are hugely excited about this partnership with Nowtilus and Equativ to empower customers with the flexibility to spin up FAST channels as and when required. It will provide consumers with unique and personalized media experiences, whilst accessing new ad revenues for our customers.

alexander trauttmansdorff, high view ceo

Alexander Trauttmansdorff

High View Managing Director

By utilizing the well-integrated feature-set of Red Bee Media, Nowtilus, and Equativ in the distribution and monetization of FAST channels to a wide range of platforms and devices, we ensure that our valuable content is flawlessly showcased on LG Channels.

chris jo from lg

Chris Jo

Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment Platform at LG

Having localized content on our LG Channels platform is crucial for success in regions like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which have been spoiled with high-value content for decades. Therefore, High View’s Channel portfolio brings the perfect addition to our FAST Platform.

Don't waste a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience and enable an enhanced revenue stream

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