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VumaTV, RedBee & Nowtilus featured in FEED Magazine

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In their latest issue, Media Technology magazine FEED published an interesting read about VumaTV’s mission and the role RedBee Media and Nowtilus play in it. The article is based on an interview with Alberto Marzan (VumaTV), Steve Russel (RedBee), and Leander Carell (Nowtilus).

feed: exploring the future of media technology - winter 2021 issue

Equality has always been a problem in the film and television space. From the racially selective Oscars to the treatment of women in production – it’s a constant battle. VumaTV is a streaming service with a vision to unite people, by providing authentically diverse, studio-quality content that celebrates culture, ethnicity, gender, and intellect.

Recently launching globally with support from Red Bee Media and its integrated ad-insertion partner, Nowtilus, VumaTV comes with multiple USPs, in a crowded streaming services market. These include its mission of diversity, as well as accessibility as a service – by using an ad-based, video-on-demand business model. This sets it apart from the current offerings of major players.

Read the full article here.

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