Serverside.ai is the open Ad-Insertion platform in the market. It simply integrates with your streaming ecosystem, ad-servers and SSPs to scale your content business.

Personalizing the Video Ad Experience


Laurence Neal
Director Advanced Advertising

"We were after a technology partner with expertise in both HbbTV development and server-side ad insertion that would facilitate digital ads to be served in a Broadcast TV environment. The hybrid Serverside.ai solution, combining client-side substitution with server-side break stitching has provided Discovery the opportunity to do this and serve more relevant targeted ads in a scaled linear TV environment."

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Connect with ad servers

and SSPs of your choice


Configure ad-server parameters per channel


Serverside.ai at a glance


We help broadcaster, telcos and content providers to monetize their AVOD and TV streaming by offering seamless, personalized and relevant ad experiences.

The SSAI workflow is different from a traditional client-side ad-insertion, which required Player adaptation for each device platform. SERVERSIDE.AI takes this burden away from the player app and manages all ad-insertion on the server in the cloud.


A Variety of Dynamic Ad Insertion Use Cases

Set-Top-Box (STB)
Connected TV (CTV)

Browser / Web
App / Mobile

Video on Demand (VOD)
Catchup / nPVR


Radio & Podcast

Features & Benefits

Precise Ad-Targeting

Dynamic ad-insertion by manifest manipulation

Scale for Large Audiences

Scaling for large

TV-like audiences

API for automation

Minimized reactance by enhanced viewing experience

Increase yield from

higher CPMs due to

targeted video ads

Performance insights

in real-time



Additional Services


Managed Services

Full service operation, 24/7 monitoring and support of your video advertisement business.


Personalized Channels

Create new inventory with VOD-to-Linear channels personalized by artificial intelligence based reinforcement learning.

Operational Excellence

Ad Creative Management

Encoding, packaging and audio normalization of ad creatives to meet your content specs.


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