Video Streaming

Server-Side Ad Insertion delivers video ads like on TV, just personalized


Our Ad-Insertion technology inserts ads dynamically into video content 

It allows a buffer-less transition from content – to ad – back to content in your streaming environment delivering a personalized broadcast TV experience across devices.This provides media owners and video publishers more usage with better ad-viewing completion and higher return on ad-revenues due to precise targeting.


Dynamic Ad-Insertion

Replace broadcast ad-breaks with addressable OTT Ads

​Insert ads into Live-Linear TV and VOD streams

Precise Ad Targeting

Target User-Segments to personalize streams One-to-One

​Connected with Top Tier Supply Side Platforms and Ad-Servers

Scales for Large Audiences

Cloud-native solution hosted in Microsoft Azure

​Service orchestration is realized through Kubernetes and allows scaling on demand

Consistent User Experience

Supports DASH and HLS for Live, VOD and OTT Channels

Individualized Streaming to all IP devices

Real Time Analytics

Get Reports about Content Popularity, Viewer Engagement and Campaign Performance

24-7 Logging and Service Monitoring

VOD-to-Linear OTT Channels

Simply create linear OTT channels from scheduled Playlists

Deliver a broadcast TV experience and monetize large VoD libraries

Dynamic Ad Replacement in Live-Linear OTT TV

Better monetize your LinearTV Streaming by replacing commercial breaks in broadcast with addressable Placement Opportunities (ad-pods). This allows you to insert multiple video ads within a commercial break by using smart business rules.



Enhance Viewing Experience

  • Minimize Reactance and keep viewers positive attracted

  • Insert relevant Video-Ads they accept

  • Deliver high-quality TV-like audio and video experience, just personalized

Increase Yield

  • Reach higher CPMs due to targeted and addressable video ads in brand-safe environments

  • Circumvent Ad-Blockers

  • Monetize mid-roll PODs like commercial TV breaks

Get Audience Insights

  • Get individual Reports in real-time

  • Measure TV-Ads with Digital KPIs

  • See Content Popularity, Viewer Engagement and Campaign Performance Analytics 


1 Technical CPM-Pricing for Ad-Insertion per VAST Inline Ad Event
2 Monthly Commitment Level of Ad Events Minimum fees apply!
3 max. concurrency of SSAI Sessions (Live OTT)
4 Scale Set of Managed Dedicated Cluster can be increased. Please contact us!
5 Only limited package for Trial included: Ad-Creative Transcoding, Packaging Repository: up to 30min lower than 720p or up to 10min in 720p or higher; Ad-Creative Delivery, JiTP Origin, CDN: up to 1GB Egress Traffic; Ad-Creative Cloud Storage: up to 1GB


Trusted by international Tier 1 clients

Jointly developed with Fraunhofer

Broadcast-grade SSAI Service & Operations


4 TV platforms SSAI managed 
(30+ channels with 2000+ VOD assets )

100m+ ad impressions delivered monthly

Growing 200% per month

Operational Excellence

24-7 Support and Monitoring

Based on industry standards


Redundant multi-region deployment


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Fraunhofer Fokus
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