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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

nowtilus video tech innovation awards nomination graphic

We proudly announce that by Nowtilus has been nominated for Customer Engagement Innovation of the Year in the context of the Video Tech Innovation Awards 2022.

This exclusive award ceremony is celebrated in Westminster (London) every year and brings together the best of the industry.

The Customer Engagement Innovation Award is a newborn category of the annual prize organized by Informatech.

"The number and variety of options facing consumers mean that competition for attention has never been greater. Media owners and service providers need to find ways to improve consumer engagement with their offerings more urgently than ever. The Customer Engagement Innovation of the Year award recognizes an innovation that improves and increases customer engagement with advanced TV services", said the Award Committee

Being already awarded the Hbb TV Award in 2021, we are incredibly grateful to be considered for this recognition. Our commitment to personalizing the TV experience is being recognized at the highest level, which is an indication of our team’s dedicated work.

part of the nowtilus team receiving the prize for “best scale-up project” at the hbb tv awards ceremony in 2021
Part of the Nowtilus team receiving the prize for “Best Scale-Up Project” at the Hbb TV Awards ceremony in 2021

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