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IAB Tech Lab Membership: Nowtilus strengthens leadership position in SSAI

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Berlin, New York - 14th of September, 2020: As an active and long-standing member of the streaming and advertising industry, video personalization company Nowtilus, provider of the open ad insertion platform, just announced its membership in the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) TechLab. This step is following a wide range of partnerships with influential ecosystem players of the video streaming environment. by nowtilus and iab tech lab logos

With, Nowtilus transforms server-side ad insertion into an easy-to-use monetization service for Telcos and Broadcasters, able to connect to a wide range of Ad-Servers and SSPs, CDNs, Players, and other relevant entities. The distinctive technological focus of Nowtilus quickly led to choosing IAB’s TechLab for further optimizing’s position and development to fully collaborate with industry practices and standards.

The IAB as one of the crucial organizations within the advertising business adds enormous value to our overall company strategy. Their industry standards, research activities, legal knowledge, and network of innovative companies will perfectly match our aspirations of personalizing the video ad experience,” said Leander Carell, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at Nowtilus. “After a long time of great cooperation with different members of the IAB TechLab, we are very proud to be part of this highly specialized global community ourselves now” he added.

We must align our efforts to the actions of our partners within the digital advertising supply chain” Patrick Knippel, Co-Founder and Managing Director stated. “The success of our customers is highly dependent on a perfectly working end-to-end delivery of content and ads with SSAI being the significant connector in the middle.”

We welcome Nowtilus into the IAB Tech Lab. Our members are key to advancing our mission of enabling sustainable growth of the global digital media ecosystem, namely in streaming video and OTT”, said Dennis Buchheim, President, of IAB Tech Lab.

About Nowtilus

Nowtilus is a digital video personalization company. Our technology revolutionizes the monetization of video streaming by personalizing the ad experience for millions of viewers. We help broadcasters, telcos, and content providers to monetize their AVOD and OTT TV streaming platforms by offering seamless, personalized, and relevant ad experiences. Thereby, we increase viewer acceptance, boost conversion for advertisers and maximize usage and profits for streaming platforms. Nowtilus is based in Berlin and Halle, Germany. 

Press Contact: Sebastian Strootmann,, +49 (345) 681 765-26

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