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IAB Fireside Chat: Making SSAI work for Publishers & Advertisers with HbbTV

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Leander recently joined Oliver von Wersch and the IAB TechLab team for an interesting fireside chat, discussing the potential that Dynamic Ad Substitution in HbbTV offers for publishers and advertisers.

With the growth of streaming, Connected TV (CTV) has firmly established itself as a critical component of the digital media landscape. In this virtual event, Leander and Oliver were diving into the possibilities that HbbTV offers for Addressable TV within the CTV space.

The event also addressed the tech foundations of how to:

  • Overcome challenges around Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

  • Support transparency to minimize ad fraud

  • Provide brand-safe environments for advertisers

  • Build privacy-first addressability

  • Enable cross-screen ROI measurement

Watch the full IAB TechLab CTV panel here.

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