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Nowtilus & SES @ Microsoft Envision Forum 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

At Microsoft Envision Forum, industry leaders of different business categories showcase their solutions for current issues. At this year's edition, Nowtilus Co-Founder and Managing Director Leander Carell teamed up with Markus Placho, VP of Video Products at SES. They discussed the current battlefield between Operators and Broadcasters within the server-side ad insertion spectrum and how the SES hybrid TV platform jointly with can benefit both sides.

In the slideshow below, you can get an idea of what the panel discussion was all about.

Next week, we will publish an in-depth article about our beloved SSAI battlefield, so stay tuned!

In a Nutshell

Server-Side Ad-Insertion is primarily a streaming and delivery technology and thus a technical component of a TV platform. Therefore, the responsibility to manage the SSAI component lies with the operator.

In a broader sense, server-side ad insertion also forms the direct interface to marketing. And the marketing rights should remain with the broadcaster, as he holds the distribution rights and it is the main source of financing for his core business.

From a technical point of view, splitting and ad-routing, i.e. the distribution of advertising space, would of course be possible.

The main compromise is to be sought on both sides in the monetization, i.e. marketing, of customer data: the customer and usage data belongs to the operator, but he makes it available to the broadcaster in a pseudonymized form as audience segments and viewer profiles.

Both will benefit from better CPMs, i.e. premium marketing prices due to the addressability and personalization of the advertising.

Register here to see the full webinar on demand!
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