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Webinar Recording: Fighting Ad Fraud in SSAI and CTV - No Need to Surrender

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Looking at the facts, we realize the thread of Ad Fraud within our industry very strongly these days. According to Wall Street Journal, ad spending on Connected TV will be a $15.6 billlion market by 2023, however approximately 20% of ad inventory is subject to fraud.

Listen to our mutual webinar with MediaMelon to understand how industry standards and cooperation can support preventing ad fraud and increase the profitability and trust in our business as a whole.

Topics covered include:

  • Issues and consequences related to Ad Fraud and SSAI in video streaming

  • Solution approaches for combating Ad Fraud in CTV

  • Practical insights on how to make it work using latest industry standards


  • Kumar Subramanian (CEO , MediaMelon, Inc.)

  • Leander Carell (Managing Director & Co-Founder | Nowtilus | Serverside.ai )

See the full webinar recording above or view the trailer here, Slides can be accessed here.

The presentations and discussion include a short Q&A at the end.

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